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Hannelore Bueki

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Hannelore Bueki is a self-made artist based at Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain and Frankfurt, Germany. As a painter, she is self-taught. She uses spatula and brush and loves dynamic oil colours on the canvas.

After a long career in the airline business and travelling around the world, she turned back to creating art. She rediscovered the pleasure of painting 8 years ago when she enjoyed life in Spain, and here she established a daily work routine to follow her passion for art.

Her inspiration is free and her artwork often moves in different and unpredictable directions. So, every work may change during the process of painting. She enjoys the variation that happens during this creation and that is part of the process.

The Artistry of Hannelore Bueki

Step into the evocative world of Hannelore Bueki’s studio, where the canvas becomes a conduit for alchemical wonders. Hannelore is not a mere contemporary painter; she is an artisan of the extraordinary. Each deliberate stroke transforms pigments into portals, revealing landscapes that defy the mundane. Immerse yourself in the profound realm where Hannelore, wielding a brush like a philosopher’s stone, transmutes colors into captivating masterpieces that resonate with a profound and timeless enchantment.

Professional paintings

Mastering the Art of Transcendence

Brushwork Alchemy

In her studio, Hannelore Bueki employs a mastery of brushwork, transforming pigment into profound visual alchemy.

Realm-Bending Canvases

Each stroke on her canvas is a portal, transporting observers beyond the ordinary into a realm where reality is redefined.

Serious Artistry

Hannelore’s commitment to the profound is reflected in her serious approach to art, where each creation is a deliberate exploration of depth and meaning.

Contemporary Visionary

As a contemporary painter, Hannelore Bueki’s work stands as a testament to visionary art, a serious endeavor that seeks to transcend the boundaries of conventional expression.

Hannelore Bueki's Three Steps to Commissioning Your Individual Painting

If you are interested in individual painting, we invite you for a consultation. Just in 3 steps we realize your dream outcome.

Discovery Consultation:

Begin with a personalized consultation with Hannelore Bueki. Share your thoughts, emotions, and the essence you wish to capture in your custom piece. Discuss your preferences for color palettes, themes, and any specific elements you envision in the artwork. This step lays the foundation for a painting that resonates uniquely with you.

Collaborative Visioning

Engage in a collaborative process where Hannelore works closely with you to translate your ideas into a visual concept. Through sketches, discussions, and feedback, refine the vision for your individualized painting. This ensures that every brushstroke reflects your personality and the sentiment you want the artwork to convey.

Artistic Realization

Watch as Hannelore brings your vision to life on canvas. Experience the evolution of your individual painting through regular updates and insights into the artistic process. Witness the fusion of your unique story with Hannelore’s artistic expertise, resulting in a bespoke masterpiece that encapsulates your individuality. Your commissioned artwork will be a testament to the collaboration between your personal narrative and Hannelore Bueki’s mastery, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks directly to you.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here we clarify most asked questions

How do I start the process of commissioning a painting from Hannelore Bueki?

Initiating the commission process is easy. Begin by reaching out to Hannelore through the provided contact information. A Discovery Consultation will follow, where you can share your ideas, preferences, and the essence you want to capture in your custom artwork.

How involved can I be in the creative process?

Hannelore values collaboration. After the initial consultation, you'll engage in a collaborative visioning process where sketches and discussions will refine the concept. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the final artwork, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your vision.

How do I inquire about pricing for a commissioned painting?

Pricing details can be discussed during the initial consultation. Factors such as size, complexity, and materials will influence the cost. Hannelore will provide a transparent breakdown of the pricing structure.

What can I expect during the Discovery Consultation?

The consultation is a personalized discussion where you and Hannelore will explore your vision for the painting. You'll discuss themes, color palettes, and any specific elements you envision. This initial conversation sets the stage for a collaborative and unique artistic journey.

Can I request changes during the artistic realization phase?

Absolutely. Regular updates will be provided during the artistic realization phase. This is the perfect time to offer feedback and request adjustments to ensure the final piece captures your desired essence.

Do I need to have a specific idea in mind before commissioning a painting?

Not necessarily. While having a general idea can be helpful, Hannelore is skilled at guiding clients through the creative process. Feel free to reach out even if your concept is still forming, and together you can bring your vision to life.

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