306 | Golden Gate


Size: 146 x 114 cm / 57,08 x 44,88 in
Organization of packaging and transportation by the artist.
Delivery Time: Depending the destination. Within Europe appr. 2-3 weeks. Oversees on request.
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Embark on a visual journey with ‘Golden Gate,’ a contemporary painting that pays homage to the iconic bridge and the cityscape it graces. This striking artwork captures the majestic silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge against a backdrop of a setting sun, casting the scene in a warm golden glow. The intricate details of the suspension cables and the city’s skyline create a sense of grandeur and timeless beauty. ‘Golden Gate’ is more than a painting; it’s a tribute to the engineering marvel and the breathtaking vistas of San Francisco. Elevate your space with the golden hues and structural elegance of this piece, allowing the spirit of the Golden Gate to bridge the gap between art and urban magnificence.

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