308 | The Wave


Size: 100 x 120 cm / 36,37 x 47,24 in
Organization of packaging and transportation by the artist.
Delivery Time: Depending the destination. Within Europe appr. 2-3 weeks. Oversees on request.
Delivery Cost: Shipping is paid by the new owner.

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Dive into the captivating energy of ‘The Wave,’ a contemporary painting that brings the raw power and beauty of the ocean to life. In this dynamic artwork, a towering wave surges with a symphony of blues and whites, capturing the essence of nature’s unstoppable force. The fluidity of each brushstroke mirrors the ebb and flow of the tide, creating a sense of movement and vitality. ‘The Wave’ is more than a painting; it’s a visual anthem to the majesty and awe-inspiring nature of the sea. Bring the dynamic spirit of the ocean into your space with this exhilarating piece, where the wave becomes a timeless expression of nature’s unparalleled strength and grace.

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