307 | The Windows


Size: 100 x 120 cm / 36,37 x 47,24 in
Organization of packaging and transportation by the artist.
Delivery Time: Depending the destination. Within Europe appr. 2-3 weeks. Oversees on request.
Delivery Cost: Shipping is paid by the new owner.
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Peer into a world of intrigue with ‘The Windows,’ a contemporary painting that invites you to glimpse through abstract portals into unknown realms. This captivating artwork weaves a tapestry of imagination, where vibrant colors and geometric shapes playfully interact to form a mosaic of visual wonder. Each window opens to a unique perspective, encouraging the viewer to explore the endless possibilities that lie beyond. ‘The Windows’ is not merely a painting; it’s an exploration of curiosity and the boundless creativity that unfolds when we dare to look beyond the ordinary. Transform your space into a gallery of possibilities with this thought-provoking piece that celebrates the beauty of imagination and the art of seeing the world through new windows.


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